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RxOpinionsNow is a panel management web platform for healthcare professionals.

About the project

The users of the platform are healthcare professionals. After signing up to the platform they get invited to well paid surveys that require their professional knowledge. The platform allows the admins of the platform to manage and send surveys on one end. It allows the panelists to log into their account where they can follow their surveys and ask for payouts on the other end.

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Built for volume

Beacause of it’s nature, the software has a unique challenge where it has the ability to send out hundreds of thousands of emails at a time. We have built a robust system that smartly routes and schedules these emails in batches to ensure their deliverablity.

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Data-driven decision making

When sending out surveys it’s important that they target the group with the required survey knowledge well – eg. a survey requiring knowledge that surgeons have. That’s why we have built a robust panelist targeting system and put it at the disposal of the administrators that create the surveys. This way they can target panelists with surveys with as much precision as they need. Administartors can send surveys to very specfic groups like, a certain kind of medical specialits, operating in certain states and with a required level of experience.

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