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Multimedia applications

Our Process

Our process for creating complex web applications has been slowly refined and perfected for a whole decade. We spend a large amount of time on planning and working out the concept of a project. This has proven to be one of the keys to success of the products we build.

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UX Concept & Wireframes

We put large emphasis on the initial phase where we work out the concept of the project to the last detail using wireframes and a wide range of UX techniques that we pick out depending on the project. This is the most important phase of a project as we are basically creating the blueprint for building the product in the form of an interactive wireframe prototype. The prototype is presented to the client and multiple rounds of iterations are done based on the feedback.

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Branding & UI Design

Once the concept of a project is fully worked out, we start fleshing out the final design of the product we are building. If the product does not have branding, it will be created in this phase. If it does - the current branding gets applied and the UI gets built. The result is a fully functional design prototype.

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Once the UI design is completed development on the project can start. At this point in the form of previous prototypes we have a full and detailed blueprint of what the development team is building. Our team always focuses on building a great foundation for further developing and supporting the product after the inital launch.

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Testing and quality control

We put a strong emphasis on testing and quality control before launch. We spend a lot of time working out and testing edge cases to make sure the final product is launched in a polished and high-quality state.

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