About Us

Borealis is an agency that does web & mobile app development with a strong focus on user experience design. We have delivered hundreds of projects for our clients from all corners of the globe. We have a diverse portfolio of clients in different markets - we help football clubs, TV stations, up & coming startups with millions in investments, huge corporations and many other types of companies. We can handle all aspects of big projects from start to finish - conceptualization, UX & UI design & development. Our work has won awards and we have had more than 50 major media appearances in the past two years.


Borealis was founded in 2013 but we fully shifted our focus to agency work in late 2015. The results in a short time span speak for themselves. We grew from a team of 2 to nearly 10 in less then a year. We keep growing at a rapid pace, roughly doubling our revenues each year, since 2013.


We have no intention on stopping our growth in the future and have grand plans to build one of the best agencies in the region. We are focusing on our processes and keep innovating with fresh ideas like design sprints. Our partners and clients can count on our support in the long run.

Our process

Each project gets assigned a team of experts that work closely with the the client to deliver the best results possible. Everything always starts with a good specification. We work with the client to cleanup the initial spec and setup and level the expectations and goals for the project. After that we move on to the UX phase where we do our research and wireframing. This is usually the most important phase of every project. From there we move to UI design where the final look of the product gets fleshed out. Finally when we have the design and every little detail cleared out, the project moves to development.

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